Romona’s Kids: Scouts give back to community

Romona’s Kids: Scouts give back to community
(Source: Thomas, Tamu)

CLEVELAND, OH: This is the time of year for giving, and some local students are finding out how small acts of kindness can affect so many lives.

Romona’s Kids: Scouts give back to community

Cleveland 19 recently welcomed dozens of Girl Scouts from St. Paul Catholic School in North Canton. The Daisy, Brownie and Junior scouts have been working on lots of service projects.

“We got goody bags and we gave them to a nursing home,” said Samantha Duke.

“There were tissues, candies, Chapstick, a comb and mirror; we went to some of the rooms and gave them the bags and they gave us hugs.”

“We had a $1 dress down day at our school to collect money to buy the supplies to put in the goody bags and we collected $312,” said Abby Duke.

"We also collected 92 pet supplies for the Humane Society,” said Reese Murphy.

“We got dog and cat food, beds, and leashes,” said Katelyn Duke.

“We picked names for puppies,” said Cecilia Murphy.

So, what’s their favorite thing about scouting?

“I can help other people,” said Cecilia.

“I like it because it makes people happy and it makes me happy!” said Reese.