Browns wins a boom for Cleveland business

Browns wins a boom for Cleveland business
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Restaurants and downtown businesses fill with Browns fans after the team wins.

They’re celebrating their fifth win of the season.

Browns win helps boost business in Cleveland

“Yes, I will spend more money now, cause I’m happy,” one fan said.

Several other fans told us they’re doing the same.

Browns win, people are HAPPY! Do you find yourself spending more money watching/celebrating the Browns now that they're winning? Working on a story for 10/11.

Posted by Hannah Catlett on Sunday, December 9, 2018

Faithful fans who sat through all of last year’s losses say, not only do they notice more people at the games this year, they’re out celebrating afterwards too.

Jeriah Hostetler says he usually eats out, win or lose. This Sunday, Cleveland 19 talked to him while he was eating at the Winking Lizard.

“You used to be able to walk by this place and come right in, I mean, you guys have seen the line trying to get in here now,” Hostetler said.

The Winking Lizard downtown holds 227 people at a time and after Sunday’s game it stayed full—there was a line just to get inside.

A few of the fans told us they’ve been spending at least $50 on food and drinks after a Browns win. At that rate, even if the restaurant only filled up once after the game, the business is bringing in around $11,000 it might not if the team disappoints.

“Last year they didn’t win a game and I was not down here at all,” Theo Hudson said.

The wins are also drawing back Clevelanders who’ve moved away, meaning they also spend money here on a place to stay.

Matt Robertson moved to New Jersey for work, but he came back for Sunday’s game.

“There’s nothing like being home,” Robertson said.

Even those who road trip up for the day aren’t in a hurry to get home. They’re out at the bars too.

Jana Gerunzel says she usually heads right back home to Erie, PA after a game. She didn’t this week.

“Tonight was special because they won," Gerunzel said.

The Winking Lizard says it serves 16,000 people on a busy day like the days when Browns win.

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