Another driver says windshield shattered by I-76 debris

Another driver says windshield shattered by I-76 debris
Broken Windshield

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Concerns continue to grow about the safety of a bridge over I-76.

Another driver says windshield shattered by I-76 debris

There are new developments that have drivers wondering whether bridge inspectors are thorough enough.

We’ve been staying on top of this story as more victims come forward, claiming damage to their cars under the bridge.

On Tuesday, Cleveland 19 received a copy of the 911 call from a panicked driver who was pulling off the road as she told dispatchers what just happened.

“A brick or something just fell from the bridge and hit my car," Crishaun Reamy said.

It happened just two days after the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) says it inspected the bridge and deemed it safe to reopen.

A truck carrying a bulldozer had just into it. That’s why these lanes on the bridge remain closed.

ODOT says it didn’t know about Reamy’s case before Len Brown was hit nine days later.

“It was like an explosion in the car,” Brown said.

He said he still can’t drive his damaged car.

When we talked to Brown this weekend, he said he wasn’t too angry because he thought this was just a fluke.

After learning he was the second victim though, he’s upset.

Brown says it makes him question whether the inspector who allowed this bridge to reopen was thorough and whether anyone else is going to get hit.

Despite the incidents, people are still allowed to go over and under the bridge.

ODOT said an inspector came out to look at the East Ave. bridge this weekend after Brown was hit.

They tell us they’re not sending anyone out again to look at the bridge because Reamy was hit before that.

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