‘Serial’ podcast prompts Euclid to cut down marijuana law

Low-level possession will soon be a minor misdemeanor, instead of first-degree with up to 6-month jail sentence

‘Serial’ podcast prompts Euclid to cut down marijuana law

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - Season 3 of Serial is the podcast’s most popular to date, for many reasons.

Some say it’s because it’s prompting elected officials to change laws, like in the city of Euclid.

Serial podcast prompts city of Euclid to change marijuana law

Earlier this month, Euclid City Council took action, changing what many consider to be one of the harshest laws in the state, its marijuana ordinance.

The city is reclassifying low-level marijuana possession as a minor misdemeanor.

It was a first-degree misdemeanor, punishable with a $1,000 fine and a 6-month jail sentence.

This after Serial highlighted a police brutality case in Euclid that many believe started from marijuana possession.

Euclid City Council voted unanimously to pass this new law.

It goes into effect on Jan. 2.

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