‘Excessively pruned’ trees in Cleveland neighborhood now designated for removal

Councilman Kerry McCormack says he's working with the city's forestry department to save some...
Councilman Kerry McCormack says he's working with the city's forestry department to save some of these trees designated to be removed.
Updated: Dec. 20, 2018 at 6:28 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Residents in a Cleveland neighborhood are worried about orders to cut back more trees and get rid of some altogether.

It comes just two weeks after the councilman representing Ohio City says other trees were “excessively pruned.”

Councilman Kerry McCormack says the tree trouble is part of two different projects, which happen to be affecting the same residents.

They say they’re losing shade, fresh air and the look of their neighborhood.

Elisa Bredendiek says her house is shaded by the trees on Monroe Ave.

“The trees provide significant shade and obviously cool down the temperature, so I appreciate them for that alone,” Bredendiek said.

One of the trees outside her home is now marked with an orange X.

That means it’s on the city’s list of trees marked for removal.

Councilman McCormack said it’s the final step of a pipe replacement project in the district.

“It just feels like it’s a little bit over the top. There’s good aspects to improving a neighborhood, but then there’s also yeah, you’ve got to live in it meanwhile as well,” Bredendiek explained.

McCormack says he’s working with the Cleveland Forestry Department to save some of the trees currently designated for removal.

“They are aesthetically pleasing,” McCormack said.

“More green space provides a higher quality of life for these people, and again they deal with storm water run-off, air quality. You name it. These trees are a benefit to our community.”

Unfortunately, the city’s arborist has determined the tree in front of Bredendiek’s house, along with two others on Monroe Ave., are diseased. That means they’re coming down no matter what.

The news comes as residents are still upset about butchered trees across the street.

McCormack said that, in the past, the city had to remove trees that had been excessively pruned in Tremont. They became unhealthy and were a risk.

It’s unclear whether any of the butchered trees in Ohio City will have to come down in addition to the ones that are unhealthy on the other side.

Also unclear is whether the unhealthy trees on Monroe are a result of a bad past pruning job.

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