Browns fans say Christmas came early in the form of Baker Mayfield

Browns fans say Christmas came early in the form of Baker Mayfield

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It’s been a wild ride for Cleveland Browns fans this season.

After a losing start, now, most predict that this is the last year that the Browns will not be playoff contenders for awhile.

"Christmas is coming early. Merry Christmas - Thank you Cleveland Browns," said Tino Vazquez of Cleveland.

At the Cleveland Municipal Lot, Browns fans were showing Dawg Pound spirit that hasn't been seen at this point in the season for years.

"This is normally how it looks like on day one - not week 16. It's not normal for the last week of December for these many people to be here," said Nate Powers of Stow, while he was in the Muni lot.

"The feeling here is just fantastic!" said Laura Muste of Cleveland.

Baker Mayfield is the gift that keeps on giving.

Morgan McBride, who is originally from Atlanta, says that he’s liked what he’s seen on the field so much that he’s now a converted Browns fan.

"I'm still kind of a Falcons fan, but after the Browns beat us, I converted," said McBride.

No matter what the outcome of today's game, Browns fans say, for once, they feel like they didn't get coal in they stocking.

“It’s a great Christmas present. The best one I’ve had,” said Adam Maimone of Medina.

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