New road in Parma will not be salted this winter, and now we know why

Residents worried about slick spots if it snows in Northeast Ohio this winter

New road in Parma will not be salted this winter, and now we know why
New construction on Manorford Drive in Parma is the reason no salt will be laid this winter.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -A resident of Manorford Drive in Parma contacted Cleveland 19 to get answers as to why a “Caution: no salt” sign was recently posted on his street.

New road in Parma will not be salted this winter and now we know why

The road was completely rebuilt over the past year, including all new concrete and it turns out that’s the answer.

According to Daniel Neff, an engineer on the project, it all comes down to getting the concrete to cure, or harden, to appropriate levels.

“Reaching the proper compressive strength provides the service life for a new concrete road of a minimum of 25 years,” Neff said. “If concrete fails to reach the design strength of 4000 PSI (pound per square inch) it will have a tendency to fail earlier than the desired design life.”

The project was completed in early to mid November and will take 90 days to be fully cure, reaching optimum hardness.

“'Salt is hard on many concrete roads and bridges and the younger the concrete the more susceptible it is to the failures caused by salt,” Neff said. “If young concrete is exposed to salt before it fully cures it may have a tendency to cause spalling of the surface leading to a earlier failure of the concrete.”

Spalling is what causes a pitting and crumbling of surface concrete.

Although residents on Manoford Drive are concerned about slick spots, Neff is putting out a reminder.

“Please note that the city (Parma) normally salts the major roadways and the intersections of residential streets and not the entire street,” Neff said.

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