Cleveland boy rescued after failed internet challenge hanging

Cleveland boy rescued after failed internet challenge hanging

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A 10-year-old Cleveland boy nearly hanged himself before being rescued by his 13-year-old cousin in a failed stunt that the boy attempted after seeing it on the internet.

Cleveland boy rescued after failed internet challenge hanging

“That’s when I shut my eyes and I had a dream I went to heaven,” Martez said of moment he passed out after accidentally hanging himself with a shoelace tied to a water pipe in a South Euclid basement.

Martez was visiting his cousin’s home and that was fortunate for him because Isaiah came down into the basement and found Martez dangling from the pipe.

Isaiah ran upstairs, found a pair of scissors and cut him down.

The rope burns on the neck of 10 year old Martez are from an almost tragic internet stunt. Martez saw some videos of ...

Posted by Brian Duffy Cleveland 19 on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Marsadeise Nolan, Martez’s mother, soon arrived at the home and was horrified at what she saw.

“He was freezing, he was shaking, it was like he was in a freezer he was so cold,” she said.

Paramedics were on the way and took Martez to University Hospitals Rainbow and Babies Hospital, where he spent Monday night recovering before being discharged Tuesday.

Martez said he saw a number of videos on the internet of people pretending to hang themselves using toilet paper and decided to try it. He used a shoelace tied in what he believed was a slipknot that would immediately release him.

It didn’t work.

“It ended up wrong for me and I almost lost my life,” Martez said.

Isaiah, the hero in all this was a bit overwhelmed.

“Well, I feel a little great about that because I don’t know what may have happened if I had’t gone down stairs,” he said.

Nolan was telling this story because she wants other parents to make sure they are speaking with their kids about what they are seeing on the internet and that there is considerable danger in trying some of the stunts they may see.

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