Barber who used to be homeless helps out the less fortunate

Barber who used to be homeless helps out the less fortunate
Barber Waverly Willis giving free haircuts at Homeless Stand Down event

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hands-on Northeast Ohio held an event today to help hundreds who are living in our region without a home.

Dozens of People showed up to volunteer, including several barbers who wanted to give the homeless a brand new look.

Among those Barbers was a man who had a unique story to tell himself.

Barber who used to be homeless helps out the less fortunate

“I’ve been doing this for like the last 10 years,” said Barber, Waverly Willis.

For yet another year, Willis who’s also the owner of Urban Cuts Barber shop is volunteering with the Homeless Stand Down event.

“It’s important that after the good Lord got me together that I come and give back,” said Willis.

But the reason why Willis is so adamant about coming here year after year and helping all these people is because not that long ago he found himself in the exact same place.

“I used to like sleep down on 18th and Superior. I used to eat out the garbage can on 30th and Carnegie behind KFC,” recalled Willis.

Willis used to be homeless himself at one time being addicted to both drugs and alcohol.

“I’ve been in recovery now from drugs and alcohol for the last 15 years,” proclaimed Willis.

Now he’s giving back to the community one head at a time - hoping his story inspires anyone who sits in his chair.

“I’m trying to get my life together and get off drugs and alcohol,” said one of Willis' clients, Terrell Gardner.

“I’m very grateful for this place, all the organizations that are represented down here, because they made me who I am today. I’ll continue to come down here even if I have to come down here myself,” said Willis.

Willis would also like to thank students from La Barberia institute of hair for also lending a helping hand as well.

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