Grieving family mourns death of slain Cleveland Clinic worker five years later

Grieving family mourns death of slain Cleveland Clinic worker five years later
Stephen Halton Jr. (Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It’s been five long years since the death of Stephen Halton Jr.

“For me to be here today without him five years later, It’s terrible,” cried Stephen’s widow, Shareese Halton.

Stephen was murdered in cold blood back in 2014 at a bus stop on Lakeshore Avenue as he was on his way to work at Cleveland Clinic.

Today his entire family is still deeply affected by the void left behind by a senseless shooting, especially his wife and two children.

“I have to relive every moment that I had with Steve just so my kids will know about their father, when they should know about their father being here,” said Shareese.

Every year at Bethlehem Temple of Praise church, a ceremony is held to remember Stephen’s life and legacy.

Yet his loved ones are still looking for answers.

Grieving Family mourns death of Slain Cleveland Clinic Worker five years later

“All that we know is that he left to go to work and then his body was found,” said Stephen’s sister, Tanesha Hamilton-Moss.

They’re however not letting Steven’s death kill their spirits. They’re instead using it as a way to help others in similar situations - starting the VOID Foundation which stands for Victims of Innocent Demise.

“God has impressed it on her heart to go help other families because again, it can be anybody who sit here,” said Tanesha.

And at the end of the day, this family just wants justice for a man who had an extremely bright future.

“Look at my kids in their eyes and just help us get closure for them if you don’t want to get closure for no one else.” pleaded Shareese.

To make matters worse, Stephen was going to be starting his dream job as a computer analyst for Cleveland Clinic just days after he was killed.

His loved ones are begging you to call Cleveland police is you have any information on who’s responsible for his death.

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