Stark County officials want teen to pay for guard rail that essentially failed him

Stark County officials want teen to pay for guard rail that essentially failed him

STARK COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A mother is furious after finding out officials want her son to pay for damaging a guard rail that essentially failed him.

As you may recall, a recent Cleveland 19 investigation found this guard rail is one of several the county has wanted to replace for years.

Cleveland 19 discovered the guard rail, next to Lake Lucern -- that Lisa Robinson’s son flipped into last week -- isn’t as high as it should be.

“I was fuming. I cried again," Robinson said.

Officers said her son may not have been going above the speed limit, but he was going too fast for the snowy conditions last Thursday.

So, on Wednesday he was cited for property damage from the accident.

“If you’re talking about the guard rail then I’m going to even get more upset,” Robinson said.

But, even before the accident, the Stark County engineer said plans have been in the works to replace the very guardrail, and several others, for 11 years now. That’s when the state standards the county follows last changed.

“We try to prioritize them on number of vehicles per day, previous crash history, the condition of the rail itself, as well as does it meet the current standards," Keith Bennett said.

The tow truck operator said he’s helped four other cars out of the canal on the other side of the same road. But, this is his first ever pulled from the lake side.

Officers also gave Cleveland 19 two accident reports in that time of cars that hit the guard rail and didn’t go into the lake.

One of them is sitting in the same lot as Robinson’s.

It’s a car though, not an SUV, and Robinson’s mom doesn’t want someone else going overboard in a vehicle similar to her son’s.

“Something needs to be done,” she said.

Her son is due in court on Jan. 31.

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