Uber-like ride hailing service for kids started by Akron woman

Kids Chauffeur Express lets parents pick their children’s driver

Uber-like ride hailing service for kids started by Akron woman

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - An Akron woman has founded the first ride hailing service for children in Northeast Ohio. It’s called Kids Chauffeur Express.

Uber-like ride hailing service for kids started by Akron woman

“I started Kids Chauffeur Express, because I’m a single mom with three girls," said Sierra Young, who said she was inspired by her own struggles for safe transportation for her kids. "It was really hard, because I had to leave work on my lunch break, go get my kids, run them here, run back-and-forth.“

Kids Chauffeur Express follows a similar model to services like Uber and Lyft, but with big exceptions. Those companies do not permit drivers under 18 to use their platforms. However, there are companies that cater to kids. They must follow similar rules, but with stricter background checks and insurance requirements.

“They know they get to meet the driver, they know what kind of car they are in, they have the driver’s number, they have my number," said Young.

Autumne Shaeffer says she started using the service for her son, who attends a school that won't bus from her home.

“I manage a bar. My hours are kind of all over the place. I believe someone referred me to her, and I’ve been knowing her ever since," she said. “I couldn’t do it without her.”

Eric Holley says his 16-year-old daughter recently got a job, but he's often using the family car to take his sons to extracurricular activities. That's why he called Young.

“I always heard good things about her, and I knew she was good with kids. There wasn’t no service around here like that, so I took a chance and reached out to her," said Holley.

Young says she has about 20 drivers serving around 40 families. Parents may pick their own drivers and meet them before they take their kids anywhere. She says a lot of the kids stick with the same driver again and again.

"The parents love the fact that it's the same driver every time," she said. "It's not different men, women, and they have a choice if it's men or a women picking their kids up, things like that."

You can contact Kids Chauffeur Express at (330) 808-7674 to arrange a ride.

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