Man crusades to have markings changed at dangerous intersection in Northeast Ohio

Says police not ticketing violators.

Man crusades to have markings changed at dangerous intersection in Northeast Ohio
Man on one man crusade to have intersection markings enforced.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Mike Morgan is a man on a mission.

He believes that a lack of enforcement at the intersection of State Route 57 and Seville Road in Wadsworth is contributing to dangers. Cars cross over a white-lined edge marking on Route 57 to get past traffic ahead of it.

Morgan says he learned first-hand of how dangerous the practice is, saying, “I went ahead and started to turn. An older gentleman in an ATT service truck almost hit me in the side. It went around? Yeah, he was passing on the right.”

There is plenty of room, to make the turn. It is a wide lane, but it is illegal to cross that white line.

The problem is if there is a high profile truck in the intersection, like a semi, drivers from the other directions can’t see the driver and there have been recent accidents.

Morgan says, “Over on the corner here’s debris layin there right now from another accident.”

Morgan counted 20 accidents in 2017. Sixteen of them were rear-end crashes. He claims, that at times, there is enforcement in the early morning hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

“If they see you crossing that white line, they’re going to pull you over," added Morgan. "What are they looking for? How much have you had to drink.”

A roundabout had been planned for the intersection, but has been delayed and the road was recently repaved instead.

Morgan summed things up this way when asked what he feared.

“What do you fear? One of my family or me or somebody one of my loved ones getting injured here or killed,” says Morgan.

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