Snow plow operators urging parents to pay close attention

Snow plow operators urging parents to pay close attention

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With winter finally set to arrive with the first big snowfall of the season this weekend, we’re starting to see more snow plows out on the streets.

Unfortunately, that could mean danger for your children.

Snow plow operators urging parents to play close attention

A snow plow operator recently posted a warning to parents about the dangers of snow plows in a Facebook post that went viral.

“I was about 35 feet from burying six children all eight years and under today. I was very shaken and mad because parents don't tell their kids to stay away from the road when they see or hear a plow coming,” the post read.

"If it wasn't for one child with a bright orange hat today, I would be in an institution tonight."

Tracy Dillon of Cleveland said she had a scare with her six-year-old son last year, who she said is now traumatized by snow.

The boy was taken to the hospital after a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a snow plow as it came down their street.

“He got a lot of rock salt in his eyes, so they had to flush out his eyes,” Dillon recounted.

Kevin Carlin has been plowing streets in Parma for quite a while.

He said he’s witnessed a lot of potentially dangerous scenarios with children.

“Sometimes I've seen it where they will pop up in between two parked cars and you can't really see them until their exposed near the street,” Carlin said.

He continued, “It's extremely dangerous for kids to be out down there and just to see the machine go by. The spray of the plow might come up and hit them or injure them.”

With all the snow heading our way, Tracy Dillon has a warning for other parents.

“If you see the truck, please pull your child away from the street.”

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