Cleveland police ticket, tow away cars in violation of parking ban

Cleveland police ticket, tow away cars in violation of parking ban
This Ohio City resident said he hadn't been out of his home since the weekend storm hit. He was trying to shovel his vehicle out while temperatures were in the teens.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - It was the biggest storm of the season so far, and freezing temperatures didn’t stop Mary Grace Adler, of Ohio City, from driving.

On Monday, we found her in a hurry to move her car because police were enforcing the parking ban on Cleveland streets - ticketing and towing away cars that were in violation of the ban.

Adler was pretty impressed with the road conditions in Cleveland.

“I would say, overall, they did a nice job. I would say the heavier traffic streets were a bit more clear than the ones that aren’t used as often, but I would say overall they did a good job,” said Adler.

By 9:30 a.m., the city of Cleveland put out a statement saying they had plowed and salted 73 percent of the residential streets. By early afternoon, some of the major streets were just wet, no longer snow covered, like many of the side streets where cars were buried in at least a foot of snow from the day before.

"I had to park in the street because I couldn't get up my driveway, and I got plowed in, so I had to dig my car out - which took me about 45 minutes - and then I got stuck at 32nd and Carrol on my way to work," said McKenzie Moore of Cleveland.

Cleveland police ticket, tow away cars in violation of parking ban

The city of Cleveland says they had 54 trucks and 14 pickup trucks deployed on all city streets during the day on Monday, all loaded with salt. Still, some thought the roads could have been cleared a lot quicker.

"Even day two, it seems kind of slow getting the streets cleared out," said Julia Westerman of Cleveland.

Some, like Doug Crouse, weren’t waiting for the city plow trucks. He used his snow blower to clear the alley near his Ohio City bed and breakfast.

“I think we did pretty good. We are ‘Buckeye’s.’ We weather the storm no matter if it’s summer, winter, spring or fall. We are out there getting the job done,” said Crouse with a smile.

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