Cleveland native King Chip says being a single father is far more challenging (and important) than being a star rapper

Cleveland native King Chip says being a single father is far more challenging (and important) than being a star rapper

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland native Charles Worth “King Chip” travels the world telling stories; this time he came home to tell his.

Chip has been in the music industry for nearly 13 years, amassing a huge following through songs about the city that raised him.

Nowadays, his toughest challenge isn’t breaking through, it’s raising his son, Cash.

Cleveland native King Chip talks the challenges of fatherhood and the music industry

He did it on his own

Sure, it was a tough road to climb as an independent artist, but it was nothing compared to his journey now as a single father.

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“There’s been a long journey through music where we slept on couches and traveled. Packed a minivan and drove to SXSW, but then when my son came along it was like woah.”
King Chip

That was seven years ago today, now his son Cash Worth is glued to his hip every day.

From grade school to the studio ... and a lot of the latter.

Chip now resides in West Hollywood but his ties to Cleveland are rooted forever.

In between his flows you can hear familiar references to city streets and venues.

It’s important to him

Chip first blew up around 2007. Projects like the “Cleveland Show” and features with fellow Cleveland artist Kid Cudi made him a household name beyond the 2-1-6 area code.

He was “Chip Tha Ripper” back then.

A name switch in 2012 helped him realize his self worth.

Chip grew up on the East side of Cleveland near the Glenville area.

Thornhill Drive was the street he called home, its also the title of his 2017 project.

It was there he bonded with friends and family, passing the time until he graduated from Euclid High School in ’05.

“My grandparents were the nucleus of the family. They made sure what was going on in the house, was totally separate from what was going on outside the house.”
King Chip

This past week was a homecoming for Chip.

The artist stopped and chatted with us a few days after a concert at the Grog Shop.

He’s currently on tour with Quentin Miller, an artist known previously for his writing for Drake.

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Between road shows he’ll be at home “doing regular dad stuff,” its just the nature of the business.

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Above everything Chip just wants his son to be appreciative, because “good or bad, you’re life could change in an instant.”

What’s next

Now Chip is writing a novel titled “Single Father Flo,” exploring his life as an independent artist doubling as a dad.

The book is giving him another outlet for fans to hear him out.

On top of his writing he is wrapping up an album in the Charles Worth LP.

His plan is to make an introspective album giving fans a glimpse at his life.

“Most times when I make music I talk for people, this time I’m going to be talking to people," he said.

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