Akron still buried in snow and slush days after winter storm

Akron still buried in snow and slush days after winter storm

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Traveling through some parts of Akron, you’d never know the winter storm that hit Northeast Ohio moved out of the area three days ago.

3 days after winter storm, much of Akron still buried

Roadways are still plagued by slush and snow, slowing traffic and causing headaches for residents.

On Market Street, a main thoroughfare, there are some areas that look like they haven’t seen a plow.

Cleveland 19 spoke to Danielle Cummins, who said she was driving her fiance’s car because her Kia remains buried in the snow.

“I live over on Cloverdale, and we can’t get our car out of the street yet,” Danielle said.

We went to check out Cloverdale Avenue and she was right—it was not easy to get there or get around on the snow-covered road.

And just as she said, Danielle’s Kia remained buried in the same spot she parked in prior to the storm. Unsurprisingly, she is hardly alone in her disapproval of whatever snow removal plan the city has in place.

Morgan Brady said she can’t even get her kid on the bus to school—there is still too much snow on the streets and sidewalks to travel safely.

“I’m very disappointed in how poorly these streets were plowed,” Morgan said.

Despite roads in surrounding areas having been largely cleared for 1-2 days, not all Akron residents are angry at the city.

Mary McNeil said she feels bad for city workers and will give them a pass on this one.

“I think they are doing an okay job. I’m sure they are tired. They have been at it for a couple of days,” a sympathetic Mary said.

Cleveland 19 reached out to the city of Akron regarding their snow removal plan and we are still awaiting their response

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