Euclid mother furious after 4-year-old son left behind on school bus for hours

Euclid mother furious after 4-year-old son left behind on school bus for hours

EUCLID, OH (WOIO) - It’s a nightmare scenario for parents of young children everywhere—imagine putting your son safely on the school bus, only to find out later he went missing for hours with next to no explanation.

Euclid Early Learning child left alone on bus

That’s exactly what happened to one local mother, who came to Cleveland 19 looking for answers.

When 4-year-old Jabari started school, his mother, Travonna Brown, wanted to make sure he’d be safe on his way to school.

After putting him on the bus for his very first day at the Euclid Early Learning Center, Travonna followed Jabari and the bus to school to make sure they did everything they promised.

It was only today that she found out something went very wrong.

Just two weeks after starting at the preschool, Jabari was found sleeping on the bus hours after he left his home.

Jabari was supposed to arrive at school around noon. When the school told Travonna he didn’t arrive until hours later, she had some questions.

“They are explaining to me, kind of fast, that my kid was left on the bus and just arrived at 2:15,” she explained.

Jabari told his mother that he fell asleep on the bus. “They woke me up when they stopped, then I got out of the bus.”

Travonna said the school had never notified her that he wasn’t there, and that she only received a call after Jabari arrived. She said the school claimed they tried to reach her, though she got no messages.

She also told us the school has an app that tracks school buses, but that it doesn’t work as well as she would like.

Travonna said the school district is working with her after the incident, but as a young, working mom, she said she is worried about cracks in the system. And, she still has more questions about how the whole incident played out.

As for what she plans to do moving forward, Travonna said she’s still trying to decide if she’ll put her 4-year-old back on the bus.

“You were just driving around and you didn’t hear my child in the back? There are supposed to be two people on the bus—an assistant and the bus driver,” she asked, still wondering how nobody noticed Jabari sleeping on the bus.

Cleveland 19 reached out to the school district for comment and are awaiting their response.

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