Getting to know Baker from the beginning

What makes the Browns star quarterback tick?

Getting to know Baker from the beginning

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Long before Baker Mayfield became the #1 pick in the NFL Draft...long before he won the Heisman Trophy...and of course long before he became the Browns savior and top rookie quarterback in the NFL, he was just a kid from a small town outside of Austin, Texas.

From humble beginnings to pro heights, this is the story of Baker 'feeling dangerous' Mayfield

Baby-faced, undersized, but with an alpha-dog personality and leadership skills that won over his teammates.

Sunday, following Super Bowl LIII, we’ll take you to Lake Travis High School and hear from those who’ve known Baker longest, and know him best, to find out exactly what makes this special player tick.

Sunday night on Cleveland 19 News.

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