Avon Police shocked by blunt murder confession during traffic stop (bodycam, 9-1-1 tape)

Avon Police shocked by blunt murder confession during traffic stop (bodycam, 9-1-1 tape)
53-year-old Robert Raff confessed to Avon Police on their body cam and dash cam video that he had killed his parents in Virginia after a confrontation.

AVON, OH (WOIO) - In a shocking turn of events, Robert Raff, 53, of Virginia, confessed on Avon Police body cam video that he had killed his parents.

Avon police surprised by murder confession during traffic stop

You can hear a police officer ask, “You said you hurt your parents?”

Raff replies, "Yeah. I killed them."

Raff went on to tell officers that he had some kind of a confrontation with his parents before allegedly murdering them in their Chesterfield County, Va. home.

Jan and Victoria Ralph were found dead by police in Virginia.

Raff, who is also known as Robert James Ralph, was picked up by Avon Police after another driver spotted his car without lights or a license plate, driving on just the rim of one tire on Chester Road near Cabela’s.

Raff told police he was heading to Canada, but had gotten lost and was trying to find his way back to the highway.

Raff told police he'd been abused as a child and that had something to do with why he killed his parents.

"I've been a total (expletive) victim my whole life," said Raff.

Police say Raff was wearing survivalist gear when he was picked up.

"When they went into the vehicle, they found a short ax, a stun gun, ballistic helmets, some things of military nature," said Jim Drozdowski, a spokesperson for the Avon Police Department.

Police say the man who made the initial call may have prevented someone else from getting hurt.

"You just never know the type of people you are dealing with," added Drozdowski.

Raff is at Lorain County Jail awaiting extradition.

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