Special young man named Middleburg Heights Mayor for the day

Special young man named Middleburg Heights Mayor for the day
Greg Blaha named Mayor for the Day

MIDDLEBURGH HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It’s been a little over 3 months since the resignation of former MiddleBurg Heights Mayor... Gary Starr.

Although Matthew Castelli’s now officially in office, he’s stepping down and allowing Greg Blaha to live out his dreams as Mayor for the day.

“I’m in a big crowd. I have so many friends here from over the years,” said Greg.

Dozens filled the Middleburg Heights community center to celebrate the occasion held by the ‘Friends and Fans of Special Athletes’.

Special young man named Middleburg Heights Mayor for the day

“It’s for such a great cause. These kids have gone through so much in their lives and to be able to play all these different sports over the years is a great accomplishment,” said Mayor Castelli.

Despite battling two bouts of Leukemia in the past few years - Greg has participated in a variety of sports via the special Olympics.

“I do bowling, golf, basketball and baseball," happily said Greg.

But today he's focused on doing something else.

“I hereby declare that peanut butter and jelly will be known as the official food of Middleburg heights!” Greg Proclaimed.

It's something that is mother, Carol isn't the least bit surprised about.

“That’s just perfect because that’s what he lives on,” she said.

Greg will also be taking home a souvenir.

“We’ll be providing this to Greg tonight and it’s a proclamation that Greg will be made Mayor for the day,” said Mayor Castelli pointing to a framed certificate.

Greg’s father, Bernie is beyond proud.

“For people who have kids with special needs. They should find a group like this. This group has been phenomenal over the years,” said Bernie.

“He Deserves it. I hope he doesn’t do too good of a job because they may want him to stay for a long time,” concluded Mayor Castelli.

On top of all the excitement, Feb 9th is now officially Greg Blaha Day in Middleburg Heights.

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