5G is not in Cleveland, but it should be

Explaining the benefits of 5G

5G is not in Cleveland, but it should be
A 5G signal won't travel as well as 4G did on cell towers, meaning new towers like these will need to be installed in neighborhoods. (Source: CBS News)

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -The future of all that technology you own is 5G, which stands for fifth generation, and while it’s being rolled out in select cities Cleveland is not one of them, yet.

5G is not in Cleveland, but it should be

The major carriers AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile are all making major investments in cities like Dallas, Los Angeles and Chicago to install new towers needed for 5G networks.

The hundreds of thousands of cell towers out there now providing 4G, will not work for the faster more powerful 5G.

5G signals won’t travel as far and can be easily blocked by homes, trees and buildings.

The newest network technology is expected to be between 10 to 40 times faster than they are currently.

The new more powerful 5G will allow technology to take the next major leap in areas like self driving cars, virtual reality and 3D entertainment.

The wait will be worth it when you consider how far we’ve come:

  • 2G- 1991 text only from cell phones
  • 3G-1998 ability to send and upload pictures
  • 4G-2008 video streaming

5G is so powerful users will be able to stream or upload pics to social media even in the most crowded of situations like concerts and sporting events.

While 5G capable phones are slowly rolling out, it looks like most carriers will more than likely offer 5G mobile hotspots that you connect to for faster data.

At this point only AT&T has released 5G pricing at around $70 per 15 gigabytes of data and $500 for the hotspot.

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