How to break the cycle of sickness in your household

11 things you should do in your home to break the sickness cycle

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Has your family been passing a sickness back and forth for weeks? Someone or everyone been coughing or sniffling for the whole of the winter? It may be that the condition of your house is to blame.

How to break the cycle of sickness

“I don’t know how many times we went to the doctor, antibiotics and missing school,” said Julie Russell, mother of four.

After her family was ill with various bugs and viruses consistently since Thanksgiving, she decided to bring in ServPro to professionally clean the nooks and crannies of her home that were housing lingering germs and bacteria.

According to cleaning professionals, the bacteria and viruses that cause most common colds and flu will not live outside the body for more than 24 hours, often much less. So diligent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes remain the best methods of defense against the flu. However, the Norovirus and the bacteria that cause MRSA infections can live on surfaces for days or even weeks.

After the cleaning crew left, Julie said her family became healthier immediately.

“There was noticeably less dust. There wasn’t as much sneezing. Some of my family members, like my husband and my son have pretty bad allergies and I noticed that they were sleeping better,” she said.

Tonight on Cleveland 19 News at 11, you’ll hear from the cleaning experts who know how to find the hidden germs and rid your home of the dust and bacteria that keep making you sick.

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