Owners of missing dogs fear ‘dognapper’ may be at work in Northeast Ohio

Four dogs missing in southern suburbs.

Owners of missing dogs fear ‘dognapper’ may be at work in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - They may never have known of each other without the internet; people drawn together on a website due to the disappearance of a family dog.

As they shared their stories, their suspicions grew. Could their pets have been taken, stolen for resale?

We see yard signs for lost pets all the time and probably don’t give them a lot of thought. But today, we learned that there are stories behind each and every one.

We have four stories of heartbroken owners. They came together carrying pictures of their pets, memories and hope.

Four dogs have disappeared into thin air since September, mostly in southern suburbs: Nitro in Valley City, Murphy in Strongsville, Stan Lee in Medina Township, and Tikaani, a Husky in Garfield Heights who was taken from a locked, fenced-in-yard in the middle of the day.

Tikaani’s owner Kellie said, “If someone found him in broad daylight and just thought he was abandoned, he wasn’t. Because we miss him.... A lot.”

John Robar owned Nitro and put the group together to tell their stories. He’s posted videos, pictures and his story on the internet. More than 400,000 people have seen it, but no sightings of his Boxer who got out of an invisible fenced yard.

It made him suspicious. “I felt he got captured by someone because he always came back. He’d chew his way into the house.”

Tom owns Stan Lee, a Golden Retriever.

“He’s such a sweet dog and such a friendly family dog and it was about dinner time and with a Golden, you know they’re not gonna miss a meal very often, so we have to believe he is with somebody.”

Stan Lee is the most recent dog reported missing. He disappeared in January.

Murphy is a Boxer-Doberman mix who never ran off in the past. Now gone since September, Greg and his wife have done everything possible ever since.

According to owner Gregg, “Combing the area, mailings, putting signs everywhere, just nothin. You know we get calls for sightings and it turns out to be another dog.”

Four dogs, four family’s aching over a single question: Is one person responsible?

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