6 Akron students arrested after cafeteria brawl

6 Akron students arrested after cafeteria brawl
Akron Public Schools is investigating allegations against a football coach at Firestone High.

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Akron police were called to the East Community Learning Center by the school resource officer for backup with a fight in the cafeteria at 10:35 a.m. on Wednesday, according to Lt. Richard Edwards.

The fight started with two students, but escalated to six total students, police said.

Akron Public Schools Communications Director Mark Williamson said the school officer quickly radioed over Akron Police Department channels that he needed assistance, and eight school security team members also responded to the fight.

Police and Akron Public Schools Security had the situation effectively under control within an hour, Williams stated.

No one was injured from the fight and medical assistance was not needed, according to police.

However, all six students were arrested, Lt. Edwards said.

The involved students, comprised of five adults and one juvenile, will also be disciplined by the Akron Board of Education on top of facing criminal charges, according to Williamson.

Another officer was placed in the school as a safety measure for the rest of the school day, police said.

Akron Public Schools Superintendent David W. James gave Cleveland 19 the following statement regarding this incident:

We have an expectation that our students come to school to learn. Sometimes those expectations are not met. That is why we employ Akron police officers to protect students and staff. We commend our school resource officers for acting quickly and with care to quell the situation. We take seriously our work and commitment to our students and staff and will not tolerate violence in a place of hopefulness.”

This is the second reported fight a school resource officer had to break up in Akron Public Schools in a week.

A classmate captured video of a seventh grader being attacked in science class at Innes Middle School last Friday:

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