Mansfield abduction suspect fatally shot son’s mother before deadly shootout with KY police

KY Police: Mansfield abduction suspect murdered son's mother prior to lethal shootout

MANSFIELD, OH (WOIO) - The Kentucky State Police provided more information regarding the police shooting that involved an abduction suspect and victim from Mansfield.

Watch Wednesday’s press conference below:

Mansfield abduction suspect fatally shot son’s mother before deadly shootout with KY police

The KSP identified the two people found dead following a police-involved shooting as 24-year-old Ty’rell Pounds and 20-year-old Skylar Williams; the abduction suspect and his victim who was taken at gunpoint from the Ohio State University-Mansfield campus on Monday afternoon.

Ohio investigators confirmed to affiliate Wave 3 News that Pounds first forced Williams into a rented Dodge Challenger. He then dropped the rental car off at an Enterprise Rent-A-Car location before taking his roommate’s Dodge Caravan, according to police. That is the same vehicle that Kentucky State Police would later track down and pursue through multiple jurisdictions.

After several failed attempts to pull Pounds over, which included the use of spiked strips, KSP Trooper Joey Brown performed a PIT maneuver on Pounds dark-colored van on an I-71 ramp near Louisville, Ky., Commissioner Rick Sanders said.

According to the Kentucky State Police:

“While attempting to apprehend the suspect the trooper heard a gunshot coming from within the vehicle which he perceived as an immediate deadly threat to himself and the female passenger. The trooper drew his service weapon and fired at which time the suspect was struck resulting in his death at the scene. During this event, the female passenger was struck by at least one round of gunfire.”

After crashing, Trooper Brown saw that Pounds, who was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time, was carrying a firearm, which prompted him to fire at the suspect at least once. Pounds was hit by the trooper’s gunfire. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Williams was struck by at least one round of gunfire during the incident. Despite efforts from Trooper Brown at the scene, she was transported to a Kentucky-area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Forensic tests later confirmed that the fatal gunshot that entered Williams through her left arm and into her chest was fired from Pounds’ firearm.

Forensic tests determine Pounds fired the fatal gunshot

Pounds and Williams, both of Mansfield, had a child together, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Their son is unharmed and is currently with family.

Pounds posted a message on his Facebook recently, according to Commissioner Sanders. The message, presumably to the couple’s son, indicated that he intended on taking Williams’ life and his own.

Commissioner Sanders described Trooper Brown as an “exemplary” law enforcement officer. While the investigation is being conducted, he will be placed on administrative leave.

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