Teachers at special needs school in Parma announce strike

Teachers at special needs school in Parma announce strike

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) -From health and safety concerns to class sizes, teachers at Summit Academy Parma, a special needs school, have had enough.

They have announced they’re going on strike.

Teachers at special needs school in Parma announce strike

Still, they walked in to Tuesday night’s school board meeting hoping they could convince the board to compromise. However, after already 100 hours of negotiations, they assumed that wouldn’t happen.

Both parents and teachers expressed their concerns for the nearly 200 students, grades K-12, who call Summit Academy Parma their home away from home.

Messy floors and bathrooms, and holes in walls and ceilings were brought up as health and safety concerns. There was even a recent scabies scare.

Students tell parents they’ve had to help clean the school because there’s not enough staff. Teachers say the caseload and class sizes have been a problem all year and they need help.

Cleveland 19 spoke to Abby Fischer, whose daughter is bipolar and has ADHD.

She said her daughter has done exceptional at Summit for years, but things have changed this year.

“I’ve noticed her temperament. We finally got her to a place where she was mellowed out, level. With the change in staffing and with the teacher structure, I’m noticing back sliding,” said Fischer.

A strike date has been set for Tuesday, Feb. 19, so parents and teachers can start preparing kids.

Teachers and intervention specialists have scheduled an additional day of negotiations with school management on Friday hoping to reach a fair contract in time to avoid a strike.

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