Valentine’s Day getaways, what a woman wants, and everyone else too

Valentine’s Day getaways, what a woman wants, and everyone else too
If Valentine's Day is starting to feel boring and conventional, here are some ways to make it fun again.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - America’s Valentine’s Day sweethearts have spoken – a nationwide study of 1,500 U.S. adults asked the important questions, and the not so important ones.

Flowers, chocolates, diamonds, they’re all important, but what do Valentine’s Day travelers really want?

North America’s largest rental manager Vacasa asked.

The majority of people when asked (42%) think a two-day romantic weekend is what they need.

Cozy tops the charts when it comes to vibe, 39% of respondents chose comfort, quiet and snuggle-ability over exciting, secluded, modern or rustic.

Unique experience over material gifts?

If you were planning to shower your significant other with gifts on Valentine’s Day you should know that 83% of Millennials say they value experiences over gifts. Baby Boomers prefer an experience 71% of the time.

Romantic vacation over your average motel?

Americans seem evenly split on this question, with only 55% saying they would rather have a unique vacation for a Valentine’s Day vacation. An average motel with a jacuzzi or hot tub could be a deciding factor.

Phone free?

Only 29% of Baby Boomers wish their partner would put down the phone, while 54% of Millennials say they would like their significant other to put the phone down completely.

Valentine’s Day destinations, warm or cold?

Hawaii tops the list of places to vacation for Valentine’s Day, with 44% preferring the West Coast and only 12% preferring the East Coast.

Time alone, or with others?

Fifty-nine percent of Baby Boomers, Generation Z and Millennials crave time alone with their partner on Valentine’s Day, while 72% of Generation X want time alone with their partner. It should probably be noted Gen X ranges in age from 38 to 55, and those folks have teenagers. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

What to do, what to do?

Fifty-five percent of Valentine’s vacationers enjoy cooking and dining out. A romantic walk, or an outdoor adventure is close behind.

Five most important amenities for your Valentine’s Day vacation rental?

Thirty percent want a great location, 20% want a hot tub or pool, 14% are looking for a great view, and 13% need the right bed. The right price is important to 12% of vacationers.

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