Family dog dies under suspicious circumstances at Elyria kennel; owners want answers

Family says that the kennel’s story does not add up

Family dog dies under suspicious circumstances at Elyria kennel; owners want answers

ELYRIA, OH (WOIO) - Lisa Mahone and her family returned from a vacation to the horrifying news that their dog, Aza -- a standard Poodle -- was dead in what Mahone said are sketchy circumstances.

Family dog dies while in the care of a Lorain kennel

Mahone claimed the owners of A Barking Boutique told her that Aza broke out of a locked kennel, ran through the locked doors of the kennel room, and scurried out the door of the locked building, and ran into the street where he was hit and killed by a car.

It’s a story Mahone does not believe.

Multiple attempts to get in touch with anyone at A Barking Boutique were unsuccessful.

Mahone’s father went to A Barking Boutique to pick up Aza and was told the dog had died. The family has since learned that Aza died before they had left for vacation.

Lisa Mahone said that no one from the kennel tried to contact them the entire eight days they were on vacation.

A Lorain family shocked, stunned and saddened after returning home to find out family dog had died at A Barking...

Posted by Brian Duffy Cleveland 19 on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The owners of the kennel, according to Mahone, never even took Aza to the vet.

After he died, she said, they left him on ice in the back of the kennel.

“I just can’t believe that our dog died there, and they left him in the backyard until we got home."

Mahone wants charges to be filed against the owners of the kennel, and in the meantime, is missing her dog.

“He was very loyal and protective,” she said. “When you’re sleeping he’s right there next to you, and if there is a noise, he’s barking.”

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