Chagrin Falls dog day care expert offers pet owners a how-to on picking the right kennel

There is no pet owners’ ‘bill of rights’

Chagrin Falls dog day care expert offers pet owners a how-to on picking the right kennel

CHAGRIN FALLS, OH (WOIO) - Howard Perlmuter runs The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Camp, a boarding and doggie day care center in Chargin Falls.

Because there is no state oversight of the pet care industry, he said the onus is on pet owners to check out any facility they trust their pets to.

“Technically, there’s no pet bill of rights that exists...You want to tour the facility for sure, meet the staff, talk to them about safety procedures and protocols that might be in place.”

After pet dog’s tragic escape and death from kennel, what should we all do?

Questions should be answered. Is the facility staffed 24 hours, is there a vet on staff or on call, does your pet need special medications, and is the fencing secure?

Something as simple as redundant fencing is key. It’s a fancy way of saying, one door closes before another one opens. It prevents any accidental escapes.

Perlmuter said that is important: “Sometimes when parents are away, pets will want to go find them, so you want to make sure it’s a facility that’s Fort Knox.”

You should tailor accommodations to be as close to home conditions as possible, not just using the facility that is close to home, according to Perlmuter.

After dealing with 20,000 pet parents and a half million pet stays, Perlmuter said a test overnight visit is a good idea to familiarize the pet with the facility.

"Check to see the way records are kept, You wanna see the pets are going outside. Make sure they’re eating, make sure they’re going to the bathroom, make sure they’re happy, they’re clean.

Many facilities now have cameras that you can access on a website or app. Using them can let you see if your pet is happy.

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