Cleveland 19 obtains video of high-ranking firefighter arrested 3 times at the airport

Cleveland 19 obtains video of high-ranking firefighter arrested 3 times at the airport
Police remove firefighter from airplane

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 obtained body camera footage of a high-ranking firefighter’s troubles at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport this week.

It’s understandable why flight attendants didn’t want the firefighter on their flight the first day.

But, on day two he is adamant he’s not drunk.

During the initial incident on Monday, Feb. 11, Battalion Chief William Graham introduced himself, explaining who he was.

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He shook the officers hand and said, “Battalion Chief William Graham. I’m in battalion 2, Cleveland Fire.”

Graham told the police he was “just trying to go on vacation.”

“I have a ticket right here and I don’t understand,” Graham said.

The officer told Graham, “You’re intoxicated. They don’t want you on the plane.”

Gate agents offered to book Graham on a flight out the next morning.

“You ruined my vacation,” he told the gate agents.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Graham returned to Hopkins for an early morning flight to Fort Lauderdale.

Graham’s plane taxied away from the gate, but returned to the terminal after flight attendants believed he was disruptive.

“All I did was ask to use the bathroom," Graham said. "I’m not under the influence. I just asked to use the bathroom.”

The flight attendants told police said he caused a disruption, and they wanted him off the plane.

On the second day Graham’s appeared more upset than the day before but did not seem to be confused or slurred his words.

After returning to the concourse, Graham told police he had been waiting for a while on the tarmac.

“When you’re out there for an hour and you’ve got to pee, what if you had to pee?” he yelled at police.

Police said they took Graham to the hospital because he complained of chest pains after being removed for a second time in two days.

Four hours later police found Graham back at the airport.

“You’re supposed to be in the hospital right now,” the officer said. “We allowed you not to go to jail.”

Then police said they arrested him a third time.

“What’s the charge now?” Graham asked.

Graham was charged with aggravated disorderly conduct.

Graham will be in court on that final charge at the end of the month.

He pleaded no contest on the first two disorderly conduct charges earlier this week and was fined a total of $100.

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