Lakewood restaurant owner responds to backlash over Instagram posts many say target addicts

Lakewood restaurant sparks outcry over controversial social media posts

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - A Lakewood restaurant owner says he’ll think twice before he posts what he intends to be “humorous” posts.

Some of David Bumba’s recent Instagram stories read, “Have you seen my Juul?” Then, he let customers know Yuzu is “fully stocked with cups of depression juice.”

There was also an invitation to Sunday brunch, saying “Oops all Fentanyl,” on top of a bag of pills.

“I get how you could be offended by it. I understand. It was never my intention,” said Bumba.

Bumba said these were posted in hopes of attracting his usual younger crowd, under 35, to Yuzu, which has a part vegan menu.

He definitely got their attention on the Facebook page "Vegans and Vegetarians of Cleveland, Ohio.”

Customers were calling it “vile, inappropriate, and tasteless.”

He realizes now, people didn’t see the humor in either post. Ollie Harris said, “It’s making fun of people that has a problem and they don’t know they have this problem. It’s like being in school and you got that one bully bullying for nothing.”

Bill Albright said, “I think first off, they’ve never suffered from depression or they wouldn’t joke about it.” Bumba says this backlash forced him to do a little self-reflection and it’s been a positive learning experience.

“I want to make myself a more positive person. I think some of my negativity and using humor as a coping mechanism for some of my own personal problems is leaking into what you see now.”

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