Experiment into how easy it is to hack the average home in Northeast Ohio worked, surprisingly quick

Have you done enough to protect yourself?

How to hack proof your home

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - At the end of December I went to a family’s home in Cleveland that had been completely taken over by a hacker.

A hacker controlled every device from phones, a computer, laptops even their kids’ games.

The hacker wasn’t in it for the money, in fact, the family had nothing stolen.

According to experts hackers like this are in it for the “lulz,” or the laughs, of tormenting a family.

Experiment shows your home is probably not as hack proof as you thought

To see how vulnerable the average home is to being hacked, I solicited a volunteer to let us bring a tech expert into their house and see if their network was safe.

The volunteer had smart televisions, tablets, a laptop, and cell phones all connected to a router through the Wi-Fi.

It was shocking to see how quickly our expert was able to get access to the router, because it wasn’t protected.

You probably changed your Wi-Fi password when you set it up, but what about the router?

It’s the gateway to every device you own. Tonight at 11, our experts explain what every homeowner should know to hack-proof their homes.

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