‘It was just beautiful’: Divers encounter great white shark off Florida coast

‘It was just beautiful’: Divers encounter great white shark off Florida coast
A group of divers recorded their encounter with a great white shark off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

JUPITER, FL (WPEC/CNN) – A group of divers came face-to-face with a great white shark – and they captured the experience on video.

It’s a day Tommy Allore said he’ll never forget.

Allore, his wife and their friends were spearfishing in 60 feet of water about three miles off the Jupiter Inlet on Sunday when they encountered the shark.

“When we looked down, you knew immediately from the profile that it was a white shark,” Allore said.

Allore said the group was stunned to be so close to the great white.

“I think everyone was just excited,” Allore said. “I called for the camera. I knew I wanted to get down and get a photo with it, and luckily enough, it stayed around long enough to capture that.”

Allore used his GoPro camera to capture a friend swim close to the great white as it made big loops around a shipwreck.

“I probably got about 20 feet away. It was just awesome,” Allore said. “Making eye contact with a great white is a unique situation, and it was just beautiful.”

Allore estimates the shark was between 10 to 13 feet long.

Surprisingly, Allore and his group were calm the entire time.

“There’s a level of respect, and you understand the power of the animal, but it wasn’t a fear. It was more adrenaline,” Allore said. “We were excited. We knew it was a special moment.”

If you encounter a great white shark, Allore says to avoid splashing and to stay calm.

"That can definitely attract a shark, and that might lure them in just to check you out. But again, once they realize what you are, they’re not really interested,” he said. “They’re not out here to eat us. If they were, we would know by now.”

Allore was later told the shark was tagged by a research group in Massachusetts about seven years ago. The organization named the animal “Salty.”

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