DeWine’s proposed gas tax would raise $750M in new funds for Ohio’s roads, bridges

Governor proposes gas tax increase

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If it passes, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed gas tax would add 18 cents per gallon when you fill up.

It would provide much-needed money to fix the state’s crumbling roads and bridges.

We’ll know by the end of March if lawmakers in Columbus are going to go along with the governor’s request.

The new money would be divided 60/40 between the Ohio Department of Transportation and local governments, respectively.

By 2020, ODOT said it will amass about $750 million to pave roads, fix guardrails, fill potholes, clear snow and ice, maintain bridges and improve safety.

Ann Despot is not in favor of the gas hike, even-though she understands it’s needed.

“I don’t like it. I live on a limited income. I’m a senior, but it’s the way of the world,” she said.

“That’s going to hurt. I’m already struggling, and I work for a company that transports people, and that’s going to hurt them too. A little bit’s fine, but that’s too much.”

Bill Vincell is a local trucker. Diesel fuel could go up, too.

“It’s going to put a hurting on us. We’re going to have to charge more for dumpsters and delivery fees, and stuff like that. It’s going to be bad. They haven’t been doing a very good job. I hope they do a better job. You drive on some of these roads, and man, it will bust a tire or anything. It’s pretty bad,” he said.

The bottom line is: Ohio hasn’t had a gas tax increase in 14 years. The governor said it’s time and the legislature is likely to agree.

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