Homeowner kicked down stairs, shot multiple times on Cleveland’s East side

Homeowner kicked down stairs, shot multiple times on Cleveland’s East side
Shooting scene

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - After further investigation, the Cleveland Department of Police determined an incident initially believed to be a violent burglary on appears to be drug related.

Officers responded to a home in the 1200 block of East 172nd Street for a man shot just after noon on Thursday, according to Cleveland police.

Upon officer arrival, police reportedly found a man sitting on the front steps with a neighbor holding a rag to the back of his head to help stop the bleeding.

The man said he had been shot in the back of his head and all over his body, according to the report.

The man said he received a call from his neighbor who told him she thought someone in a black hoodie just broke into his house, police said.

The woman told police she saw the men knock out the air conditioner in a window of the back of the victim’s house and crawled through the window.

She woman told police she called 911 after hearing several shots coming from inside the house.

According to the report, the man went into his house from the side door when he encountered two men armed with handguns, wearing dark hoodies and black masks over their face.

The report described the suspects as approximately 5′9″ and 160 pounds.

As the man reportedly began to yell “this is my house,” the men in hoodies pushed the victim towards the side door and down the basement steps located directly off the landing inside.

According to the report, one of the armed men yelled “kill him, kill him,” while the other began shooting at the victim.

The victim reportedly fell to the ground and played dead.

After several shots stuck him, the both men in hoodies ran out of the house, police said.

According to police, the victim got up a few moments later, walked out of the house and towards the street where he was greeted by neighbors before police arrived.

When EMS reportedly arrived on scene to transport him to University Hospitals, a round fell out of his back while being assisted onto the gurney.

Police confirm the victim was shot a total of nine times:

  • 2 rounds struck him in the back of the head
  • 1 round struck him in the pacemaker in his chest
  • 1 round struck him in the chest just below his pacemaker
  • 1 round struck his upper left arm
  • 1 round struck him in the center of his upper back
  • 1 round stuck the center of his back
  • 1 round struck his upper abdomen
  • 1 round stuck him in the groin

According to police, he is currently in “critical/stable” condition.

While gathering information on scene, police said the victim’s son arrived at the house and tried to go inside.

Police said officers went inside the house and observed a digital scale with what appeared to be heroin residue in an upstairs bedroom.

According to the report, officers observed both upstairs bedrooms were tossed through with miscellaneous property scattered over the floor.

Officers then found blood on the ground of the basement floor, a single spent round, a pair of eye glasses, and a black hat on the floor near the blood spatter, police said.

While police were talking with the woman that called police, another man arrived on scene.

The woman reportedly told police the other man was with the victim when he arrived at his house, but she was unsure of his involvement.

When police approached the other man, officers said they saw what appeared to be fresh scrapes on his left hand and left knee.

Police said he became very anxious and began to move from side to side as if he was getting ready to run from police.

Officers then detained him in handcuffs and escorted him to the rear of the police cruiser to gather information, according to the report.

He reportedly told police that he was with the victim when he got the call from the woman that his house was broken into.

The victim told him to wait in the backyard as he entered the side door, the report said.

When the man heard the victim scream “this is my house” and took off running northbound on East 172nd Street when he heard shots fired, according to the report.

Police said a neighbor that lives directly behind the victim said he saw the man that was with the victim run from the house when a in a hoodie began to shoot at him.

The neighbor described that suspect as 6′2″, 240 pounds, wearing a grey hoodie, red pants, and a black ski mask, according to the report.

Police reportedly found two shell casings that appear to be 9mm.

According to police, the victim has video surveillance surrounding the outside perimeter of the house.

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