Veteran denied simple procedure at Cleveland VA Hospital.

Says doctor insisted on complex surgery.

Veteran denied simple procedure at Cleveland VA Hospital.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - “It’s over and above what I need. It’s not proper.”

That is the way Kathy Morrison describes her situation.

Morrison is a Navy veteran who said the treatment she recieved at the VA is a real pain, a pain in her knee.

When Morrison’s knee began to hurt, she asked the Chiropractor about the knee. She was told she needed an MRI,

Morrison was told it was a meniscus problem.

Morrison was turned down for the MRI at the VA, so paid $350 to have it done privately. It confirmed the diagnosis. The meniscus is torn and out of place, dislocated.

Veteran denied simple procedure at Cleveland VA Hospital.

What happened next is at the heart of Morrison’s complaint.

The VA said it would not do a simple arthroscopic meniscus repair.

Because she has some arthritis in her knees all they would consider was a total knee replacement. A major surgery with long painful recovery. She declined the operation.

She continued to research the issue, and also talked to another veteran who was denied a meniscus repair for the same reason.

That veteran had it done privately.

Morrison said she was told by a fellow veteran, “had an MRI, had surgery and therapy," but that meant she had to pay the co-pays on something that should have been done inside the VA.

“To me it’s like I have a hang nail, but lets take off the toe," Morrison said.

A paper trail details Morrison’s complaints and her request for a review, which was granted.

Doctors can disagree, but Morrison’s story has a thread we’ve heard in all the stories we’ve done on the VA’s treatment in the outpatient clinics “Every one of my doctors there are great, the nurses.” The stories change about the Stokes Hospital in Cleveland. Morrison believes “it just seems like you’re a number and we don’t have time for you.”

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