Paranormal retail store opens up shop in Lakewood

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Paranormal retail store opens up shop in Lakewood

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - If you head over to Carabel Avenue in Lakewood, you’ll see a new store. It’s the retail spot for the Cleveland Area Paranormal Society, which opened its doors in early February.

Paranormal retail store opens up shop in Lakewood

"It's a really inviting area. It has a lot of other quirky shops, and we felt really open with the area. Everybody seemed on board. There were other places, too, that said, oh no, you're not good for our image, but Lakewood kind of let us in with open arms," said Marleigh McVeigh with the Cleveland Area Paranormal Society.

The merchandise on the shelves is predictably paranormal.

“Spirit boxes, this is a singing bowl, infrared thermometers. It lets you know when there’s an entity that’s basically not human,” Jessica Oktober said.

“Obviously, the infrared does certain things to spirits,” Oktober said as she gave Cleveland 19 News a tour of the store.

McVeigh said the store also coordinates paranormal events, ghost tours, and murder mystery dinners. She says it appeals to people in Cleveland for a reason.

“It’s just kind of got this atmosphere of spookiness that I really thought people would enjoy," McVeigh said.

The store is open every day except Monday, beginning at noon each day.

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