Power outages continue across Northeast Ohio

Some outages may last until Thursday

Power outages continue across Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Power outages continue across Northeast Ohio, after high-speed winds toppled trees and knocked over power lines on Sunday.

Power outages continue across Northeast Ohio
Power outages continue across Northeast Ohio

First Energy reported hundreds of customers still without electricity on Tuesday morning.

One of them is Brittania Fields, of Warrensville Heights. Fields said she lost power on Sunday morning after a tree fell on the power line in the yard of an abandoned home next door, snapping the supply to her house, too.

Fields has two small children and said she’s been keeping the fireplace going to make the house warm enough for them.

"Basically, we have been living off of firewood from Giant Eagle. I have probably spent over $100 just trying to keep us in fire," said Fields.

“We don’t have any heat right now, we don’t have electricity, we have running water, but, you know, we really can’t go and take a shower, having to get out into a cold house,” Fields said.

Fields lives with her children, her husband, and her mother, and said the family has been confined to the living room, as they wait for power to be restored, which may not happen until Thursday.

Fields said she tried to tough it out inside the house, but decided Tuesday, it was time to go to a hotel.

“I was kind of on a breakdown moment, you know, I have kids, I have to be a mom, I have to worry about my mom and the weather and the situation," Fields said. “If it was warm, we maybe could have roughed it, but the temperature is steadily dropping, so that really pushed me over the edge.”

FirstEnergy said it is working to restore power to all the affected homes, but that the process has been difficult due to the extensive damage across the six-state coverage area.

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