Rooftop dog raises questions among Akron residents

Rooftop dog raises questions among Akron residents

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Imagine driving down the road and seeing a dog on a roof.

A Cleveland 19 News viewer sent pictures of just that on Sherman Street near Akron University.

The dog’s owner spoke exclusively to Cleveland 19 on Tuesday.

The owner said her upstairs window has been broken for months She insists her dog’s only gotten out of it once.

Akron residents concerned about dog on roof

The viewers who took the pictures didn’t want to go on camera, but said the situation has been a problem for months.

Last week, in an attempt to help, a neighbor said she and a group of residents got the dog down and called the humane society.

Ironically, she said the humane society told her it had just returned the same dog to its owner that morning.

Monday, when Cleveland 19 found the dog’s owner, she said the pit bull’s name is Bruno.

She says he’s an emotional support dog, and insisted he was not on the roof on purpose.

“No! I actually was shocked,” the dog’s owner said when we showed her the pictures. “It’s the first time it’s ever happened. He’s never done that ever.”

In the photo, you can see a leash clipped to Bruno’s collar.

“I think my daughter may have forgot to take it off,” his owner said. “That was just by accident.”

The dog’s owner wants people to know she did not tie him up here.

However, on Monday the neighbors who rescued him once before say they saw Bruno back on the roof.

That’s when she posted to Facebook.

“It’s all a lie,” The dog owner said. “It’s false! Every bit of it is a lie!”

Bruno’s owner wouldn’t give us her full name. She said she’s in the process of moving and won’t be here much longer.

Cleveland 19 reached out to the humane society about this ongoing issue.

No one has returned the calls at this point.

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