Expert provides tips on how to avoid a pileup following massive collision near Hudson

Getting Answers from the experts on how to keep your cool in a scary situation
(Source: Blake Gibbs Facebook page)
(Source: Blake Gibbs Facebook page)
Updated: Mar. 6, 2019 at 4:29 PM EST
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HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - More than 60 cars were involved in a pileup on State Route 8 near Hudson, causing up to 25 people to suffer injuries. Although none of the injuries were life-threatening, many of the drivers remain understandably shaken up.

“I got hit three, four, five times. I don’t even know. I was bouncing all over," said Gary Chaddock.

The pileup happened during whiteout conditions, according to drivers at the road at the time. This made us wonder--what should you do if you face a similar situation, when you are surrounded by crashing cars in terrible weather?

Drew Salyer, president of DriveTeam, a driving school based in Cuyahoga Falls, answered those questions.

“Probably say the most important thing is your spacing and allowing more space. Keeping your vision down the road, so you can pick up on things sooner, whether it’s a crash coming up ahead or brake lights, that allows you to anticipate to minimize your chances of being involved in those situations," said Salyer.

He said it’s important to steer where you want your vehicle to go, but avoid doing that while braking to keep from skidding on icy roads.

Finally, if you are caught in the crash, don't get out of your car just yet.

"You do you want to stay in your vehicle, because other vehicles could crash into you. That’s the safest place, especially making sure that your seatbelt stays on, airbags could still deployed in that case, so you want to make sure you’re safe in the vehicle," Salyer said.

In fact, the best thing he says you can do is to remain calm, stay buckled, and then call 911.

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