USPS mail carrier in Broadview Heights grabs camera when confronted about parking in handicap spot (video)

Post office won’t reveal possible discipline.
Published: Mar. 13, 2019 at 5:47 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Handicap parking spaces have been mandated by federal law since 1968.

Most people are very aware of them, so it’s fairly rare to see the law violated.

It’s even more rare to see a high profile vehicle, such as a postal truck, parked in a handicap spot in a lot where other spots were available.

Cleveland 19 approached the carrier as she returned to the vehicle with lunch, asking, “You know you’re parked in a handicapped spot?”

She said there were no other spots. We pointed out several.

She answered, “Oh, that’s nice. You guys have a great day.”

She told us her name was Jessica, and clearly, she parked directly in a freshly-painted handicap spot. We checked and she had no handicap placard displayed.

We pointed out the handicap sign marking the spot and she answered, “Oh, OK. You guys have a great day.”

We don’t want to pick on one worker, but she underscores the larger question: Is training of carriers adequate?

The post office trains carriers in even the most basic functions, like safely placing mail in any variety of boxes.

At a branch where training is done, there is no handicap spot painted in the parking lot for practice, but should they have to train people to use simple common sense.

At the Broadview Heights branch where the carrier is assigned, we told the manager about the video. She said she was unaware of it and gave a number to call for more information. We got an email from the postal service expressing disappointment in the carrier’s decision and an apology.

Regarding training, the letter said: “Our carriers received extensive and ongoing driver training. Parking in designated handicapped spaces is not permitted.”

Clearly, the training didn’t sink in with everyone.

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