East Cleveland woman who paid old debt can’t buy new home because city didn’t cash her checks

Cleveland 19 solves her problem.

East Cleveland woman who paid old debt can’t buy new home because city didn’t cash her checks

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local woman has been fighting for months to get approval to buy a home. There is a hitch. A garnishment that she paid off months ago is stopping the process.

Seems the checks her employer wrote to East Cleveland’s Court, who ordered the garnishment, were never cashed.

Tatianna Williams was asked "The money was taken out of your check? And your employer sent it to East Cleveland? And there it sits? She answered “Correct.”

Woman who paid old debt can’t get credit because city didn’t cash her checks.

Williams fell behind on her rent at Crystal Tower in East Cleveland, so the landlord garnished her pay from April to October of last year. She has paperwork proving the entire $2,714.48 was taken out and sent to East Cleveland Clerk of Courts.

So back on her financial feet and working, she decided to look into buying a home. That’s where she learned of the problem saying “The banks, they have to follow laws and protocols and they need me to get paperwork from the city of East Cleveland. They are not willing to give me anything.”

Basically Williams is debt free, but not on paper. To get answers Cleveland 19 went to East Cleveland City Hall looking for Clerk of Courts Wendy Howard, who oversees court ordered garnishments.

We waited a couple of hours, she never came out. But East Cleveland Judge William Dawson was concerned, got involved and did come out saying “I came in and found out everything that’s going on and we’re getting a grip on it pretty fast.”

Judge Dawson said there were delays in him getting funding for workers who left. It left the Clerks office short handed. He hopes to have the matter resolved by Monday.

He also hopes it restores Williams dream of home ownership. “When she’s in a position to better herself and do well we’re kind of holdin’ him up. We’re gonna make sure we get on it on our end very fast. Work with the attorney’s get the release so that she can move on and have that happy ending she deserves.”

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