To Win or Not To Win? That is The Cavs’ Question

Do Lottery odds outweigh wins?

To Win or Not To Win? That is The Cavs’ Question

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - With every 20-plus performance...and Young Bull is now at a club rookie record of 7-straight games with 23 or more, Collin Sexton grows. The 8th overall pick, looking more and more like a top 5 pick. Which is incredibly encouraging for the Cavaliers...and the fans...not to mention the future....but also a tempting of fate, and the draft lottery.

The more the Cavs win, the more likely they lose...out, that is...on the sure-fire #1 pick in the Draft, Zion Williamson. But...only if they fall out of the “Worst-3”, and into that Final 4.

Put another way, if the Cavaliers remain the third-worst team in the NBA, behind the Knicks and Suns, they retain a 14% chance of winning the lottery, same as the Suns and Knicks. If they fall behind the Bulls into that fourth spot, they drop from a 14% chance, to 12.5. Is it worth it to the Cavs to lose that 1.5%, just to win a few more games?

All odds aside, there are some out there who believe there’s no chance the Cavaliers will take home ANOTHER #1 pick. I mean, it all lined up 16 years ago, when they landed LeBron. And of course, after he bolted...the first all lined up again, as in, “Hey, here...have Kyrie!”. And more followed. Anthony Bennett. Bust. Andrew Wiggins, turning into Kevin Love. The point is, they’ve had more than their share of first overall picks.

Some are even thinking back to the days of the envelopes...specifically, 1985, the first such lottery, when Patrick Ewing...SURPRISE!...went to the biggest market in the NBA, New York. Now here we are, 34 years later, and guess which desperate, big-market franchise is angling for the next great hope? Yep. The Knicks. Conspiracy theorists are drooling right about now.

In the meantime, Cavs...go for it. Win if you can. You’re down to your final 10. The furthest you can realistically fall is down to 4, behind the Knicks, Suns and Bulls. And you’d still have a shot at Zion.

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