Attorney: Aniya Day-Garrett’s father plans to sue Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Services

Paul Grieco says there was a “system-wide failure” to protect the 4-year-old girl

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Attorney Paul Greico who represents, Mickhal Garrett, Aniya Day-Garrett’s father, said they are planning to sue Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Services.

Greico said there’s no denying it, the county failed the 4-year-old girl, multiple times.

“For the director to get on TV last week and say that the system isn’t broken is just outrageous," Greico said.

“Knowing that the report had already come out, knowing they had seen that report and what’s in that report, that report confirms that Aniya had been beaten, severely harmed over a period of years and the county knew about it,” Grieco said.

Last year the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services issued a scathing report that showed on at least 4 occasions, caseworkers failed to follow protocols and ignored Aniya’s injuries, despite her telling people, “Mommy hurts me.”

“That’s their job, that’s their function, that’s what the citizens expect and when something like this happens and they failed to do right, they should open up to it," said Grieco.

The director of Cuyahoga County Department of Children & Family Services, Cynthia Weiskittel, told Cleveland 19 earlier this month that the agency is working on a list of changes after Aniya’s death, however Grieco said those changes should include transparency.

Grieco accused the county of withholding documents from Aniya’s case.

Grieco said is is afraid another child could die.

"It’s on every citizen in Cuyahoga County, if you see something, say something. Mickhal Garrett said something, Aniya Garrett said something, the police said something, nurses doctors said something, the daycare center individuals said something, and they said it all to Children and Family Services and what did they do? Grieco said. “Nothing.”

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