Entrepreneur to digitize to car titles

Entrepreneur to digitize to car titles
Entrepreneur is hoping to do away with traditional car titles

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Local entrepreneurs are working to fully digitize car titles.

Entrepreneur to digitize to car titles

“If anybody has ever moved from one state to another and had to transfer a title, you’ll know nothing is worse than that.”

Entrepreneurs, Bernie Moreno and Shane Bigelow are gearing to make it where you never have to deal with that headache again with ‘Champ titles’ - a product aimed towards revolutionizing the car titling process.

“Why has this piece of paper that somebody else had to sign and somebody else had to fill out... why have that occur when you can automate the entire process?” asked Bigelow.

Their solution is for you car’s title information to be stored in a database, accessible by a simple QR code.

“It became really modern when you could print your boarding pass at home and now virtually no one does that. Everybody has it on their phone,” recalled Moreno.

Which is exactly what will take place with titles if the system launches as planned - meaning it becomes terribly easy to transfer titles if and when the time comes to buy or make a sell.

“Our proposal is that we put this in and we start with 2021 model vehicles going forward, so you have an orderly wind down of the existing system over 10 or 20 years,” Concluded Moreno.

The same group is also working on digitizing license plates as well.

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