Family still looking for answers 6 years after death of Cleveland Clinic nurse Aliza Sherman

Family still looking for answers 6 years after death of Cleveland Clinic nurse Aliza Sherman
The Murder of Cleveland Clinic nurse, Aliza Sherman has still gone unsolved six years later.

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Dozens gathered to remember a Cleveland Clinic nurse murdered in cold blood.

It’s been six years since her death and the person responsible is still on the run.

At 53-years-old, Aliza Sherman was brutally stabbed multiple times back in 2013.

Several family and friends gathered in the same place (Eerie view plaza) where she was killed, on the exact same day she was killed, to show that even though she’s gone she’ll never be forgotten.

Family still looking for answers in death of Cleveland Clinic nurse Aliza Sherman

“My mom was just an incredible person. Truly the best human I ever knew. She deserves for us to be here today,” said Sherman’s daughter, Jennifer Rivchun.

Everyday Rivchun says she has to live with the fact that her mother was taken way too soon.

“I know that my mom is looking down. Although she’s not here with us physically anymore - no monster, no evil perpetrator could ever put out her light.”

Sherman was tragically killed while on the way to her Divorce Attorney’s office. She was stabbed a shocking number of 11 times. The killer seen on surveillance video remains on the run to this very day.

“She lives on through her kids and her grandkids. She deserves to have the monster or monsters who did this at least held accountable for what they did,” said Rivchun.

And since this is the sixth year the case has gone unsolved, Sherman’s loved one’s will remain optimistic that six will be a lucky number.

“My mom always talked about how she loved the number six. So I just hope and pray that six will finally be the year that she gets the justice that she deserves,” concluded Rivchun.

Aliza’s family will continue to hold these ceremonies every year until the killer is caught.

Family and friends gather in Cleveland to remember Aliza Sherman on the 6th year anniversary of her murder. The case has yet to be solved.

Posted by Cleveland 19 News on Sunday, March 24, 2019

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