Hawk vs. snake: A life-or-death struggle

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Hawk vs. snake: A life-or-death struggle
A hawk and a western rat snake were in an apparent death grip when a group of seventh graders walked by them. (Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)

NORTHLAKE, TX (Gray News) – A group of Texas seventh graders recently stumbled across a real life-or-death struggle.

While at their school district’s outdoor learning area near Fort Worth, they found a hawk and a western rat snake in an apparent death grip.

“Thinking that it was a dead bird AND dead snake, they notified the staff,” Texas Parks and Wildlife said on Twitter.

“After close inspection, both animals were still alive. One let go of the other (not sure which one let go first!), and the hawk flew off and the snake slithered away.”

What an interesting turn of events! This hawk was spotted by a group of 7th graders on a field trip at the Northwest...

Posted by Texas Parks and Wildlife-DFW Urban Wildlife on Monday, March 25, 2019

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