Wickliffe day care worker fired after tossing child around like rag doll (video)

Wickliffe day care worker fired after tossing child around like rag doll (video)

WICKLIFFE, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 reached out to the mother of the 2-year-old seen in a video being pulled around his day care classroom.

Mother speaks out after release of controversial video at Wickliffe day care

Taja Escortt is glad he’s okay, but she’s not satisfied with the discipline the day care worker has received so far.

She said it’s clear to her the worker doesn’t have the right disposition to take care of children.

"It could have been worse. He could have really hurt himself. She could have dislocated his arm or anything like that. I feel she shouldn’t be able to come near a child,” said Escortt.

The video she shared exclusively with Cleveland 19 shows him getting tossed around like a rag doll at the Beautiful Kids Academy on Ridge Road in Wickliffe.

“The video was disgusting and totally inappropriate. She continued to deny it, that she didn’t do it, even after I showed her the video myself she continued to deny and to the officer as well,” the mother said.

The director of the Beautiful Kids Academy spoke about the incident.

“We fired her the same day, and we self-reported to the state,” said Nicki Foster.

Cleveland 19 pulled files on the day care center. We looked at its records of compliance and non-compliance. There have been several incidences where they’ve not been in full compliance.

“If we’re in non-compliance, it’s usually just for paperwork, nothing of this sort. We’ve never been out of compliance for an issue against a child like this,” said Foster.

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