Cleveland policeman under fire after allegedly paying for prostitutes at district headquarters

Cleveland Police Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk faces charges

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - For the first time since his arrest, Cleveland Police Sergeant Michael Rybarczyk made a public appearance.

For nearly three decades Rybarczyk pursued criminals on the streets of Cleveland.

Today, he was arraigned on charges of allegedly being one, as he was accused of three counts of unauthorized use of city property.

Specifically, using police department computers to access social media platforms where he allegedly contacted an estimated 2,300 women.

Rybarczyk was released on a $2,500 personal bond.

But the sergeant also faces even more serious charges, including 11 counts of soliciting prostitution.

According to a criminal complaint, Rybarzyk is accused of soliciting women in the parking lot of First District Headquarters and paying, in one case, $80 dollars to a teenager for oral sex. In another case, $100 to a 25-year old.

In 2013, Rybarzyk was awarded the department’s Distinguished Service Medal for singlehandedly catching four men involved in a shooting.

Today, he’s on restricted duty facing charges that could end his nearly 30-year career.

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